Project 6: Layout

Title: The Darwin Chair

Date: 2009-2010

Materials/Media: Laminated Tyvak, Tyvak, Ink Jet Printing

Collaborators: Joris Laarmin, Paul Fung, Mark Pernice, Joe Shouldice

The Darwin Chair is a free swing chair that includes 200 sheets of attached laminated paper. Each sheet is printed with an intricate pattern to portray and abstracting the creation of the universe, making their way through the creation of the world, the beginning of plant, animal and human life, all the way to the digital revolution.

Title: Art Grandeur Nature – Trying To Look Good…
Date: 2004
Media/Materials: Camera
Client: Art Grandeur Nature
Five separate photos of words in different natural settings to form a complete idea. Sagmeister portrays a discovered outlook on life. By telling the audience, in a straight forward manner that “try to look good limits my life”. But I believe that it’s because these words are placed in places we would see all the time, it catches our attention more.


First Drafts: 

Second Drafts:



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