Project 1: Letter

H Cutout Page:


History of the letter H:

A letter originating from the Egyptian hieroglyphic for “fence”, “H” has undergone many transformations until it has become the “H” that it is now.  Through each change, “H” not only changed its appearance but it has also changed the sound that it carries with it. When adapted to the Semitic languages, the “h” was given a harsh shorter sound, while quite oppositely when the romantic languages used the letter as almost a place holder and the letter is not even spoken. Some other languages have even another sound for the “h” which is a more airy and breathy sound. Depending on how the “h” is pronounced can change the meaning of a word completely.

Final Drafts:


1 thought on “Project 1: Letter”

  1. It looks as though you probably ran into the same challenges I did with my letter Q. In order to get enough shapes on the page to appear as a reversible figure/ground design, you’d have to zero in on the area where the curve of the H meets the vertical left side of it. Despite that challenge, it looks like you’ve presented a different visual idea in each final copy which meets the requirement for the assignment. The white space could definitely be perceived as positive space in each example, and are visually interesting. They also hint at the letter H. The only thing I don’t see posted are your rough drafts? I’d love to see those and compare them to your final drafts; it would be interesting to see which choices didn’t make your final cut. I love your final designs.

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