Project 4


Retouch 1:

-Orange toning
-Added hair
-Shading under the chin
-Jaw line shadows
-Cropped negative space
-Lighter/Larger eyes
-Removed scar

Retouch 2:

-Lighter on top of nose
-Emphasis nose shadows
-Lighter skin
-Softer lips
-Darker Eyes
-Photo Filter: Warming (85)
-Bigger Eyes
-Altered Smile
-Softer Lips
-Softer Face

Retouch 3:

-Soften face
-Nose Shadow
-Bigger Eyes
-Smaller Lips
-Hair Shadow
-Hair Liquify

Retouch 4:

-Pinker Cheeks
-Dodge (Skin/Lips)
-Blur (Lips)
-Burn (Neck/Under Chin)
-Peach-Colored Shading (Eye Lid)
-Large Dodge (Around Eyes)
-Silver lining (Under Eyebrow/Tearduct)
-Burn (Around Eyes)
-Dodge (Eyes)

Retouch 5:

-Burn (around Eye)
-Red Hue (on Eye)
-Smaller Eye (Right Side)
-Lower saturation (right side)
-Burn (On Cut)
-Red Hue (Under Nose/On Lips)
-Dark Lips
-Nose Shadow
-Whiter eye (Left Side)
-Bigger Eye (Left Side)
-Burn (Left side of face/under chin)
-Blur (skin left side)

Retouch 6:

-Burn (Under Eyebrow/Side of Nose)
-Dodge(Under Eye/Eye)
-Burn (Eyelashes)
-Pink-er (Cheeks)
-Paint (Around Lips)
-Liquify-Smaller (Nose)
-Burn (Under Nose)
-Blur (Face)
-Burn (Jaw)
-Colorize (Eyes/Hair)

Retouch 7:

-Adjust Levels
-Adjust Brightness/Contrast
-Yellow Tint (Skin)
-Burn (Eyes)
-Pink tint (Cheek)
-Dodge (Face)
-Sponge – Saturate (Cheek)
-Burn (Dimple -Left)
-Burn (Face Side)
-Photo Filter-Yellow
-Vibrance -Increase
-Larger Eyes
-Smaller Mouth
-Thinner Nose

Retouch 8:

-Burn (Around Eyes)
-Red tint (Eyes)
-Liquify Smaller (Face)
-Shadows (Cheek Bones)
-Shadows (Neck Bones)
-Burn (Lips)
-Unsaturate (Skin)
-Liquify Smaller (Neck)
-Blur (Skin)
-Burn (Neck/Chin)

Retouch 9:

-Blue Tint (Over Eyes)
-Green Tint (Eyelashes)
-Burn (Eyelashes)
-Dodge (Eyes)
-Liquify Larger (Eyes)
-Pink Tint (Cheeks/Lips)
-Liquify Smaller ( Face)
-Liquify Smaller (Eyes)
-Liquify Smaller (Nose)

Retouch 10:

-Pink Tint (Face)
-Burn (Hair)
-White paint (Bottom Eyelids/Tearducts)
-Black Paint (Around Eyes)
-Burn (Side of Face/Chin – Left)
-Liquify – Bigger (Eyes)
-Pink Tint (Lips)
-Paint (Scar)
-Sponge-Saturate (Eyes)
-Burn (Around Iris)
-Unsaturate (Eye Whites)
-Shadow Increase/Highlight Increase
-Brightness Decrease/Contrast Increased


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