Project 3

A 20th century New York winter is portrayed with the Horse drawn carriages and snow mist circulating the air.

Parks caught the injustice to African-Americans during his life in a modern take of the famous painting of the same name.

Wall portrays a war’s aftermath with a gruesome twist. He depicts each soldier as they have individual response to their reincarnation from death in battle.



6 thoughts on “Project 3”

  1. M Ferranto said:

    Here’s a test comment. Digital Imaging students, please add comments below.

  2. The first piece shows a great contrast, making it clear where the focal point is. It is also situated in the adequate place according to the rule of thirds.

  3. Where is the focus point and what skill did you use in cropping this image?
    I’m about the second(middle)image.

  4. the last one is gruesome but it still means something. it shows whats the after effects of a war

  5. All three correspond with the guidlines to a focal point in either size,shape, or position good job. Also good job avoiding the center.

  6. Sarah Henao said:

    On the third one, at the bottom of the page, I know that the soldiers portrayed in the cropped square shape is the focal point of the piece. Nothing is placed in the exact center, which is why this particular image follows the Rule of Thirds. It is similar with the focal point on the first image at the top of the page. I notice that the white area is completely isolated from the darker area, which easily guides my eye directly towards that one spot. Overall, these two works demonstrate a fair sense of focal point.

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