These songs are not in order of how good they are but in alphabetical.
If you have spotify, these songs are all on my Valentine’s Day playlist.

1.April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Movie Loves A Screen                           Up and coming Brooklyn native has a voice I have yet to see a flaw in. She is so theatrical in all of her songs but this one seems to be the lovey-dovey song with an upbeat backing. 

2. Belle & Sebastian – Funny Little Frog                                                                         Although this band is not new, they are relatively new to me and I’m glad I had found them. I hadn’t heard this song until the other day but it has almost a Queen/Electric Light Orchestra feel to it.                                                      

3. Harry Connick Jr. – Recipe For Love                                                                                     This song has a certain type of Broadway musical sound to it and that classic jazzy influence. You can kind of hear that Randy Newman, You’ve Got A Friend In Me kind of sound. 

4. Dirt Poor Robins – Love Again
It is a song that whenever I listen to it I get pumped up and in a state of ecstasy. The best thing about this song is that it’s a song sung by a husband and wife.

5.Gloria Estefan – Everlasting Love
This song, although not my general genre of music takes me back to when I was little. My mom was pushing me around a cart in Home Depot and I just started breaking out dancing and singing in the seat.

6. Mumford & Songs – Winter Winds                                                                         A week ago this song wouldn’t have been as powerful for me as it does now. In the course of 7 days, I realized that this song has more of a personal connection with not just myself but between myself and a couple friends. 

7. Panic At The Disco – Always
The voice of Brendon Urie is one that has always found a way to speak to me. Operatic and full of vibrato, he has been a big influence on my musical being and this song does not disappoint.

8.Plain White T’s – 1,2,3,4
The video for this song kind of reminds me of a eHarmony commercial, but the almost monotone voice of Tom Higgenson. In modern music, most people know Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah, but I think this song conveys love even better.

9. Real Estate – It’s Real
This song is relatively new to the music scene. In the fall of 2011, Real Estate released the their album “Days” and off that album this song has the most feeling in my opinion. Their video also took a nice turn. Most indie artists seem to be using cats as their focus animal, so as an owner of four dogs, it’s nice to see a video about dogs.

10. Stamps – Modern History
What’s so interesting about this song is that this band did a complete 180 from their first album. They used to be indie and very band focused yet this song has the electronic feel and I can’t help but to feel the need to dance every time I hear the song.